Undeceptions with John Dickson

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Here it is! Our Christmas gift to you: a special remix of the Undeceptions theme by the brilliant J.S. Bach, arranged by the musically inclined John Dickson, and performed by the fabulous Undeceptions Band.

Show Notes

Thanks for being great supporters of the first season of Undeceptions! We hope you enjoy this little gift from us, and have a happy Christmas with your loved ones and the God who made this all possible.

Yours in all truth,

John, Kaley, Bella and Mark

What is Undeceptions with John Dickson?

Every week on Undeceptions we’ll explore some aspect of life, faith, history, culture, or ethics that is either much misunderstood or mostly forgotten. With the help of people who know what they’re talking about, we’ll be trying to ‘undeceive ourselves’ and let the truth ‘out’.