Let's talk about - How Food Shapes Your Child

In this episode Louise talks to Clare Stead about baby brain development. Clare is the Creator and Founder of the Oliiki app, she is an e-Learning specialist, Education researcher and primary teacher. She is passionate about helping parents and careers build their baby’s brains from conception onwards, so the children reach their full potential and fly. Supporting parents early gives them the confidence to know they’re doing the very best for their baby, developing carers knowledge and skills in play-based learning for our youngest child helps them ensure they thrive, right from the start.  



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 The Oliiki app is an app for parents and parents-to-be of babies in the first 1000 days, from conception to two to build their babies brain and spark their parenting confidence one play activity at a time. 

What is Let's talk about - How Food Shapes Your Child?

I'm Louise, a dedicated writer and advocate for health and nutrition especially in the early years. Children today face many dire health predictions, some are based on the food landscape they grow up in. Together we can help to influence the health of a generation as ' when you feed a child, you shape a child'