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November 29, 2023, Wednesday, hour two…
Brian Modafferi- 04 Keeps Me Hanging [Out Amongst The People]
The RAZ Band - Cars And Girls [Raz - The Best Of Raz]
The Orange Peels - 11 Trespassing [Trespassing]
The Tambourine People - 12 Power For The Many [Tambourine Love]
Nick Frater- 06 Let's Hear It For Love [Big Stir Singles - The Ninth Wave] (Big Stir Records)
Gin Blossoms - Hands Are Tied
Karen Basset - 03 - It's Almost Christmas Time
The Mockers - 03 - Yes World [Holland Tunnel]
@Lane Lines - Half a Feeling (Demo) [Message]
Adam Norsworthy - Loving Could Be So Easy [Rainbird]
Pete Donnelly- Another Hundred Miles [Phases Of The Moon]
The Daisycutters - 11 Pop Song Deluxe [Lines And Sinkers]
The Chris Ruben Band - 04 Darling [Madness On Repeat]
@Callaghan – Best Year
Emily Zuzik & @Art Hays - Baby It's Cold Outside
Arthur Alexander - 05 Ashes [Steppin' Out!] (Big Stir Records)

What is The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show?

The Music Authority bringing Power Pop, Rock, Soul, Rhythm & Blues to anyone and everyone who has courage, is brave enough to not follow the crowd, the masses (the “M” is always silent!), trusts in themselves enough to listen to SOMETHING completely DIFFERENT! How did I get here....I worked in radio since High School...WCSQ-FM, onto College at WOCC, to the professional commercial world WKFM, WOSC, WGES, WHEN, WRRB, WPCX, WMBO, WCSP, WMMB, WBVD, WIXC, WHKR. Over the years I noticed that music I enjoyed was not getting played and after leaving the industry for 13 years, I chose to come back and serve the music styles I enjoy and hopefully you will too! The biggest question being asked is "What format is The Music Authority?" And The Answer IS..."Whatever I want to play or whatever my friends and listeners ask for!”