The Derek Duvall Show

On this remarkable episode, Derek sits with Mike DiVicino, a convicted felon who was sentenced to 3 Life Sentences and expected to spend his natural life behind bars. You will hear his story of redemption and how after his miraculous parole, he has been a speaker and powerful force for police arrest proceedure reform, helping troubled youth and he speaks about his book, "Dear Joey: Letters From Prison: Book 1" all while being a man lost in time by now living in a world that has completely transformed after nearly 30 years in a prison cell.

What is The Derek Duvall Show?

"The Derek Duvall Show" is your ticket to learning about extraordinary people you would never have thought to ever meet. Derek has always loved watching "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson and later with Conan O'Brien. We bring everyone on the show from all walks of life. We have Actors, Musicians, Scientists, Authors, Athletes and so much more. Everyone has a story, "The Derek Duvall Show" is the platform from which they can tell it.