The E.S.C. Hatch

This is the entire episode. This episode covers the About Us. What it means to be a Pilgrim, a Pilgrim-on-Point, the YobiWorks Studios Mission/Question, some about the our main projectsm, some engagements with two guests. Met. Frank Depalma and Chris. Ended up did using a wide range of topics based on my anthropological and historical research into the Human Collective and the patterns in Nature that express through inter.intea personal validation, and other category topics..

*Not sure what happened, but only 27 minutes uploaded from the middle of the episode on the last episode. My apologies for the confusion. This one will likely be broken down into some smaller bites soon. In the interest of the continued and increasing frequency of releases, I wanted to make the entire recording available first.

Show Notes

 Transcript coming soon.

What is The E.S.C. Hatch ?

Your exit stage left or right to neutral safe territory where all is founded on the simple Truth of Life, which is, the Requirement of Life, is its Death. From there, we explore fun, ourselves, each other, and even that thing over there, you know the one. That Guy gave it to us. You know! The One., The one with the face. I'll never forget him. Good Ol' What's His Name...