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YouTuber KemushiChan, AKA Loretta Scott, shares lessons from her 20-year Japanese Odyssey, including how her husband did the same one in 18-months, and advice about the intermediate plateau, specifically how to avoid falling from it to your death.

Show Notes

YouTuber KemushiChan, AKA Loretta Scott, shares lessons from her 20-year Japanese Odyssey, including her cheat codes and advice about the "genki plateau," specifically how to avoid falling from it to your death.

Ollie recommends a cruise line that would benefit from a minimum wage hike... or would it? It would still be minimum.
Join Bobby in a last minute review of the Japanese River Cruise Academy's entrance exam, so you don't get absolutely keelhauled by it again this year.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:
  • The Launch of the World's first social media powered river cruise, and the continued decline of {redacted}
  • How Loretta is experiencing the state of emergency in Tokyo and how it doesn't meet ANYONE's definition of an "emergency"
  • Why a lot of Japanese people aren't complying with the suggested restrictions the way they did the first time around
  • How we take issue with how the Western media misportrays Japan and then IMMEDIATELY assume the portrayal of America is accurate
  • Bobby going back to the totally pointless but effective LOOKING TV covid precautions
  • Ollie's foray into YouTube which has been met with nothing but positive receptions... so far
  • How Loretta feels about the new generations of Japan-related social media up and comers
  • Bobby and Loretta compare how they use YouTube now with "back in the day" when they were both "gurus"
  • Who STILL wants to get YouTube notifications from Bobby
  • Our first JBRC Press Club segment, on the dimming hopes for the Tokyo Olympics
  • Loretta's experience sharing her language learning journey and guiding her audience along on their own
  • The ridiculous complaint commenters have about Loretta's Japanese studies
  • What motivates her to keep studying when she feels fed up
  • The benefits Ollie sees to "cramming the hours in"
  • The role of YouTube as a Japanese resource
  • How Loretta's opinion on the importance of book based study has changed
  • How classroom based and test based studying was much much more effective for all of our writing skills
  • The magic of being able to use a language versus the magic of NOT understanding a language
  • The most common thing that she sees her audience struggling with
  • Assessing how far you really NEED to progress with the language and why
  • The fact that some people might NOT want to be in front of the camera? WHHHHAAAAT?
  • How trying to learn a language in a vacuum 
  • Why everyone should be entitled to learn any language they want to learn
  • Who really DOES have a confidence issue with how they rate their own language ability
  • How just putting your head down and barreling through while making a bunch of mistakes can make you seem more fluent than going slow and picking and choosing words
  • What cause those times when you really feel defeated as a language learner
  • Language "cheat codes" and how to fill in the gaps to make you seem more competent and buy more time
  • Loretta's insight into her husband's language learning and how it was a different dynamic than her YouTubing
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Topics discussed on the extras range from:
  • How Bobby and Ollie have both hired Loretta for different online language products in the past and how we've all largely forgotten most of our past, which either speaks to the sheer volume of STUFF we've done, or to how inconsequential said stuff has been
  • How putting out content creates "serendipity" in Ollie's words
  • What Ollie wasted his time on instead of YouTube
  • The Early Days of JVlogging on YouTube, and how we used to be able to build our channels
  • How Jvloggers interacted with each other and WHY, including how sometimes it wasn't as wholesome as it seemed
  • Who Loretta used to watch and what motivated her to start Jvlogging
  • Behind the scenes of how YouTube works and the multifaceted reasons for why people want to do it
  • How to game the algorithms and produce videos that earn views
  • How YouTube has gotten "harder"
  • How Bobby's poor production values have come back into Vogue
  • How 100k Subscribers from 5 years ago is worth jack sh*t today
  • The worst comments we've gotten on YouTube
  • A commonality between YouTube and Comedy, in that mimicking the most popular content almost never works for people just starting out, and why that is
  • Making things clickable
  • What Loretta thinks is the NUMBER ONE THING you should preemptively put in the "block list" for your comments
  • The cheat codes for language and how they don't necessarily work across all situations
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