The Sanctus Podcast on Mental Health

With Sanctus based in the heart of one of the loneliest cities in the world, it begs the question - why are we feeling so lonely?

Show Notes

James Routledge and George Bettany, founders of the mental health startup Sanctus, have been on a mission for the last two years to try and change the perceptions of mental health - with the intention of one day putting the first mental health gym on the high street.

They’ve created this podcast in order to just get people talking more openly about mental health and exploring the never ending list of topics that play into our mental health.

Not all of us can relate to terms like ‘depression’ but we can all relate to the feeling of being lonely. But what is stopping us connecting in a city full of people?

Scott is joined by two people behind their own projects attempting to shine a light on finding connection in London.

Tessa Blencowe, behind ‘London is Lonely’ (linked below), is compiling stories and portraits of individuals with different experiences in London for a showcase on Sunday 23rd June.

Phil Askew, has his own portrait project ‘Luminous Lives’, created to help ‘illuminate’ individuals in London that are looking to stand out and find out more about their lives.

London is Lonely:

Luminous Lives:

If you’re feeling lonely, Sanctus are always holding events designed for connection:

What is The Sanctus Podcast on Mental Health?

We're changing the perception of mental health, one story at a time.

The Sanctus podcast on mental health, shares people's mental health stories and discussing essential mental health topics.