Bite Size

With Liam McLaughlin, Executive Chef and senior partner at Global Hospitality Group

Show Notes

Running a cafe business is an amazing experience, though it doesn't come without its challenges. Most business owners are incredibly time-poor, juggling many aspects of the business, from cash flow, staffing, social media to ordering stock and the list goes on. In this episode, we will talk to Liam McLaughlin and provide some tangible and practical tips for you to consider.

Liam is an experienced Executive Chef and senior partner at Global Hospitality Group. Liam's specialty as a consultant chef with a demonstrated history of working with the hospitality industry to achieve effective and profitable outcomes. He is skilled in new Menu / Product development, Catering, Food & Beverage, Front of House, Hospitality Management, HACCP Controls and Team Management. He is well-regarded within the Australasia Foodservice Industry. He has been at the core of industry-leading events and progress for over ten years, as well as 20 years in hospitality. 

What is Bite Size?

Welcome to Bite-Sized - Brought to you by Priestley's Gourmet Delights. With each episode, we look to bring you ideas and insight into the Foodservice industry. Whether you're a distributor, a chain, or an individual venue owner, these episodes are designed to break down things happening in the industry and give you a bite-sized summary of it.

hosted by Xanny Christophersen