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Today’s guest Rob Rebich is a retired Radio Frequency (RF) Electrical Engineer who has two decades of experience working in RF antenna design for military defense contractors. He is an expert in RF and Electromagnetic Theory. He is also a devout Bitcoiner and lives on a Bitcoin standard. He also is CEO/Founder of AUPA Bar-a convenient meat based snack bar that packs a nutrient dense punch. Rob embodies decentralization in all facets of his life and is one of the few people I can talk EMF shop with that really knows his stuff. 
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What is Decentralized Radio?

Society has been trading quality for convenience more rapidly than ever before, leading to the average individual being robbed of their livelihood by highly centralized corporations and government entities. From Health to Homesteading and much more, this podcast will bring on experts to empower you to become a more decentralized individual. It is time to get back in the driver's seat of your life.