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Florian Decludt is a teacher-turned-growth marketer and content creator. He's worked on over 60 different growth projects in 6 different countries. Florian has grown his presence on LinkedIn from 944 connections to 32,000 + followers in less than 2 years.

Formerly a Growth Marketer at Reddot Growth, Florian is now a Client Advisor at Venli Consulting Group. He helps B2B sales professionals sell and earn more.

Join us to learn why cold emailing is a super powerful tool yet very misunderstood and misused.
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Here are some of the key topics that Florian and Paris discussed in this episode:

• (1:41) How Florian grew his LinkedIn connections from under a thousand to 32K in 2 years
• (5:06) How can you monetize your LinkedIn following, and how can you measure it?
• (7:05) Why you should build a personal brand
• (11:56) How do you warm up a domain?
• (13:48) How to do cold outreach on LinkedIn and email
• (16:51) Why super ugly emails achieve over 70% open rate
• (23:46) How to improve your SaaS cold email strategy
• (26:15) What are some zero-budget growth channels?
• (31:53) Solopreneurship: building your own business and scaling it

Mentioned Resources:

Lemwarm, a tool that keeps your emails away from spam and generates more business opportunities
Lemlist, a cold email, and outreach automation software
Captain Data, data extraction & automation platform 
Dropcontact, B2B email finder, and enrichment in CRM
LeadIQ, a platform of B2B sales prospecting tools

Creators & Guests

Paris Childress
Founder & CEO of Hop Online, Performance Marketing Agency | Ex-Googler
Aleksandra Balkanska
Podcast Marketing Operations | Marketing Specialist of Hop Online
Desislava Arnaudova
Podcast Marketing Operations Manager | Marketing Specialist of Hop Online

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