Notorious Novels

In this episode we discuss The Worm by E. Veers. Written at a time of repression with a plot centered on finding a truth this book quickly became banned in it's own country. Join us as we discuss the plot, the troubled first publishing and the life of it's author. Special interview with Alex Brighton, author of "Freedom Was a Bad Word: A History of Banned and Challenged Art in Argets".

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Hosted by Lizzie Cram
Alex Brighton voiced by Barbara Cram

What is Notorious Novels?

Join us as we explore a different world through their most controversial novels. Here we talk about books you won't find in any store around you. Discussing the life of each novel, we learn more about a world like yours, but not quite the same. These books are all fake, as are their histories. We don't recommend trying to find them.
Now, join us for these notorious novels.