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This episode is a breakout sessions that was presented at uLead 2023 by Adedeji Bowoade and Michael Carter. In their session they examine the ways the education system impacts multiple marginalized students. As a BIPOC teacher and a disabled teacher, their aim was to build understanding, reflect on practice, and create better futures for multiple marginalized students with education leaders at uLead 2023.
You will heard not only their presentation, but reflections from participants in the session.
You can contact the presenters at:
  • Adedeji Bowoade​
      Twitter - @AdedejiBowoade​

      Email – adedeji.bowoade@lethsd.ab.ca
  • Michael Carter​
     Email – michael.carter@lethsd.ab.ca
In their session they mention the names of some Social Media Activists in this area. They are:
  • Imani Barbarin
  • Lauren "Lolo" Spencer
  • Leroy F. Moore Jr.
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