Pro Cheerleading Podcast: The Truth Behind the Poms

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This is the episode you've all been waiting for, especially for those who are getting ready to audition to become an NFL cheerleader. This week, Mhkeeba sits down with her dear friend and Personal Trainer, Kelsey Pesola, to discuss all things fitness, everything from having the right mindset to get your body on track for auditions to how to keep in shape during the season. Kelsey offers some amazing advice on how to break your fitness goals down to attainable small wins that will help deliver the results you are looking for to be the best version of yourself.

During Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba talks about this insane coronavirus that's hit hard in Seattle, a belated shout out to Black History Month performances and celebrations by NBA dance teams, and a cool VIP fan vacation package the Patriots Cheerleaders are hosting during their fitness calendar shoot in Turks and Caicos. Kelsey shares a Locker Talk story of her infamous reputation of being late to final auditions!

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What is Pro Cheerleading Podcast: The Truth Behind the Poms?

Pro Cheerleading Podcast: The Truth Behind the Poms is the only podcast that gives you a raw and unfiltered perspective of what it's really like to be a professional cheerleader. Hosted by Mhkeeba Pate, a former attorney and NFL Cheerleader for five seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, this groundbreaking podcast finally gives pro cheerleaders a voice on issues facing the pro cheerleading community.

Whether you're currently on a professional team, an alumni or really curious about the audition process to become a pro cheerleader, this podcast shares all the inside scoop and hot topics in the pro cheerleading industry with in depth interviews of dance team directors, choreographers, current and former pro cheerleaders.

Every Wednesday, Mhkeeba reveals the untold truths from inside the cheerleader locker room and helps build a sense of community among professional cheerleaders from various sports teams, alumni and aspiring pro cheerleaders.