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In this episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast, you’ll be introduced to Sarah Bedrick, Co-Founder at SaaS Academy Advisors and Thrive Coaching.

Show Notes

Sarah Bedrick is the former Program Manager at HubSpot Academy. Her more than six years of experience were far-reaching and included founding HubSpot Academy in 2011 and growing and scaling it to the program as it exists today. 

Sarah, along with two other HubSpot alumni, Chris LoDolce and Lindsay Thibeault, founded SaaS Academy Advisors to help B2B SaaS companies build, operationalize, & scale their education programs. In this episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast, Sarah will share her thoughts on creating an academy and learning from B2C companies. 

Listen to the full episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast to learn more about:

  • Building an academy or university for your business
  • Dealing with career baggage and using it to be a stronger person
  • Focusing on industry training after customer success
  • Inspiring others to take action and apply what they’ve learned
  • Understanding what goes into the design of instructional videos
  • Working with a mentor for greater success

What is B2B Digitized Podcast?

Learn how to use digital transformation to differentiate, educate, build trust, improve competitive positioning, close sales faster without compromise, and scale revenue growth.

Get step-by-step insights on how to build a media company for your niche that positions your brand and your team to win in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace.

The primary audience is CEOs of U.S.-based B2B technology startups and scaleups that work in and around data centers, AI SaaS, and accounting and finance technology.