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Every business operates differently, especially when it comes to their policies around remote work versus in-person work. But which is better?

In this episode we’ll share our own personal experiences with remote work versus in-person work, and we’ll talk about whether we believe there’s a solution that’s best for all types of business and employees.

Points Discussed in this Episode
  • Nicole’s recent experience switching from remote work to in person
  • The perspective is very different depending on who you’re talking to (employee versus business owner)
  • What’s different now that Nicole is working from a co-working space instead of from home? 
  • Instagram Reel from Patrick Campbell
  • A vast majority of people do not have time management skills and are very easily distracted
  • How big of a factor is connection when it comes to people wanting to go into an office?
  • There are plenty of jobs that can’t be done remotely
  • What role does empathy play in this all?

Mentioned in this episode: 

Fortune article: Flexible work is feminist–and women won’t return to a system that hasn’t served them well to spare the feelings of powerful men)
Instagram Reel from Patrick Campbell
Entrepreneur article: Malcolm Gladwell's Fears About Remote Work Are Real. It's Your Brain That's Telling You Lies — Here's Why.
Short clip from Elon Musk’s interview on CNBC “Working from home is ‘morally wrong’”

Thank you so much for joining us for this episode where we share our own experiences answering the question: Which is better: remote work or in person?

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