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Found on Friday: We’re using Spotify playlist adds and reach to introduce you to a tropical DJ from Spain, an American lo-fi beats producer and an Irish singer-songwriter with literary flair. ... @chartmetric #chartmetric #musicindustry #dataanalytics #musicanalysis #zeper #hurleymower #jealousofthebirds #data

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    • It’s Found on Friday, and we’re using Spotify playlist adds and reach to introduce you to a tropical DJ from Spain, an American lo-fi beats producer and an Irish singer-songwriter with literary flair.
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    • Good morning, it’s Jason here at Chartmetric with your 3-minute Data Dump where we upload charts, artists and playlists into your brain so you can stay up on the latest in the music data world.
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    • This is your Data Dump for Friday, June 7th, 2019.
  • Found on Friday: Playlist Reach Uncovers a Galician DJ, an American lo-fi beats producer and an Irish Literary Songwriter
    • It’s Found on Friday, which means we are digitally crate-digging for new artists in the proverbial streaming record shops of the Internets, and this time through the lens of “reach”.
    • In the world of social media, reach is the unique number of people who see a particular piece of content, and we can contrast that with “impressions”, which are the total number of times they see that content, and “engagement”, which is the number of interactions those audience members actively take upon that content.
    • In Spotify’s streaming world, reach in one sense is obviously playlisting, and we can aggregate how many followers a particular playlist has, and at the artist-level, aggregate how many total playlist followers that artist has at any given point.
    • These of course are non-unique follower counts, as we all are probably following dozens if not hundreds of playlists from each of our single profiles.
    • Nevertheless, it’s still a measure of reach, and that can be an important metric for determining which artists are in a great position to break. 
    • Now ranked by number of new popular playlists adds in the past 30 days, Spanish DJ Zeper occupies the #1 spot today.
    • From Pontevedra, Galicia, the young producer has a very accessible tropical dance vibe that has Majestic Casual vibes and would easily fit in any college student’s chillout or study playlist. 
    • Currently on 50 playlists with 10K or more followers, Zeper’s total playlist reach is over 2.8M followers, growing over 45K total followers since last week.
    • His latest release was “Stop” on May 31st collaborating with another emerging artist KRIMETZ.
    • Now added on an additional 39 playlists with over 10K followers each is American artist Hurley Mower.
    • With his polished take on the lo-fi beats genre, Mower gained nearly another 30K aggregated playlist followers in the past week, bringing him over the 2M mark.
    • With 207K monthly listeners and only 5.3K followers on his own Spotify profile, he’s got a listener to follower ratio of 38, which definitely puts him well into the promising artist category for that metric.
    • Last but not least is Jealous of the Birds. Such an interesting name.
    • On 5 playlists with more than 10K followers, the Irish singer-songwriter has over 767K total playlist followers, including Spotify’s Evening Acoustic playlist in the 84/100 spot and the Sad Indie playlist in the 60/80 position.
    • She’s no stranger to attention however, her previous tracks have been from NPR’s All Songs Considered and BBC Radio 1’s Tune of the Week.
    • No matter what you’re vibe, there’s some new artists hanging out on your smartphone, check them out this weekend!
  • That’s it for your Daily Data Dump for Friday, June 7th, 2019. This is Jason from Chartmetric.
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  • Happy Friday, have a great weekend, and see you on Monday!

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