Exit Five - B2B Marketing with Dave Gerhardt

Rowan Tonkin is CMO at Planful. Dave and Rowan take you through the essential steps to build your marketing plan, getting it approved, and unlocking the full potential of your marketing efforts. This episode covers:
  • Tips to build a powerful marketing plan that aligns with your business objectives
  • Strategies to gain plan approval from executives and board members
  • Best practices and practical approaches to flawlessly execute your marketing plan, turning ideas into measurable results.
  • Insights into the advantages of scenario planning and how it can prepare your marketing team to adapt to the ever-changing economic landscape.
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What is Exit Five - B2B Marketing with Dave Gerhardt?

Dave Gerhardt (Founder of Exit Five, former startup CMO) and guests help you grow your career in B2B marketing. Episodes include conversations with CMOs, marketing leaders, and subject matter experts across all aspects of modern B2B marketing: planning, strategy, operations, ABM, demand gen., product marketing, brand, content, social media, and more. Join 3,500+ members in our private community at exitfive.com.