The Anti-Architect

In this episode, Christian sits down with Joseph Dennis, Principal/General Counsel and Ethics Officer of Arup Americas. Arup Americas is part of Arup Group, one of the world’s largest engineering firms with over 18,000 employees worldwide and a multi-disciplinary practice. He oversees an eleven-person legal team with a portfolio of responsibilities that includes the firm’s contracts, disputes, intellectual property, corporate affairs, and risk management. Joseph negotiates contracts for significant projects and deals, but his primary focus is developing strategies for large and complex disputes. He is an active committee member and former chairman of the legal counsel forum to the American Counsel of Engineering Companies, as well as a Board Member to both the NY AIA/ACEC Contracts Committee and the NY AIA/ACEC Risk Management Committee, and has served probono General Counsel to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Before joining Arup Americas, he served as the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to Syska Hennessy Group. Joseph graduated from Emory University and Hofstra School of Law.

What is The Anti-Architect?

Welcome to The Anti-Architect Podcast. I’m your host Christian Giordano. As the president and owner of design firm Mancini Duffy, I’m driven by a quest for learning and radically changing the industry through tech-first innovation. With this podcast, I’m hoping to improve the industry that I’m so passionate about by taking a critical look at how architects work with their clients and, in turn, how our clients view us.

It’s my goal to showcase all of these experiences - good and bad. Was it the architect or the client - or somewhere in between? I aim to bring my audience new voices from our industry, interesting people with diverse backgrounds. Through shared experiences, stories, and projects my hope is that we can improve our profession.