The State of Retention Marketing

Social Offline is a popular hangout for millennials and Gen Zs, whether they're meeting up for work parties, catching up with friends, or going on dates. Rahul Wishard, in charge of CRM & Loyalty for Social's parent brand, shares insights into what keeps customers coming back for more.

  • (00:42) - How Did Rahul End Up in CRM?
  • (02:16) - From Empty Tables to Full Insights: Impresario's Data Journey in Hospitality
  • (04:11) - Beyond Database Marketing: Crafting Customer Journeys in Hospitality
  • (06:08) - Contrasting CRM Evolution in Hospitality vs. Retail
  • (10:38) - From Registers to Wi-Fi: Tracing the Evolution of Data Capture in Hospitality
  • (14:54) - Navigating Consumer Segmentation in Hospitality
  • (18:43) - Mastering Data Chaos: Scaling CRM & Loyalty Across 51 Outlets
  • (20:54) - Empowering 50+ Outlets: Unveiling the Significance of CRM & Loyalty
  • (24:59) - Decoding Social's CRM Strategy: Metrics, Insights, and Impact
  • (29:54) - Unraveling Social's Consumer Patterns: From Corporate Celebrations to Chill Hangouts
  • (32:32) - Empowering Frontline Staff: The Future of Personalized Dining Experiences
  • (36:11) - F&B Personalization: Data and Tech for Better Customer Experience
  • (40:03) - Enhancing Customer Feedback Mechanisms in F&B: Challenges and Solutions
  • (45:02) - Scaling Experiences & Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles
  • (47:36) - Strategic Partnerships for Data Capture and Customer Engagement in F&B

What is The State of Retention Marketing ?

Join Ankur Gattani, as he dives into engaging conversations with decision-makers face-to-face. These discussions are not your average chit-chat – he's getting into the what, why, and how of retention in organizations. From the human touch to the intricacies of products and technology, Ankur covers all the bases. So, strap in, hit play, and let's turn this podcast into your go-to source for understanding the ins and outs of keeping customers committed.