If you've ever wondered what difference one person can actually make in the world, you will be encouraged and inspired by my guest today, Frank Anello, the co-founder of Project Worthmore in Denver, Colorado.

Show Notes

Frank is just a regular guy with an admittedly not-so-perfect track record, who found where he belonged. It just so happened that where he belonged was with immigrants and refugees. It was as much of a surprise to him as anybody. His love for "the other" drove him and his wife Carolyn to create a beautiful community in Denver called Project Worthmore. Even after 10 years of creating positive change in the community, it just keeps growing and including more and more people. Project Worthmore truly does reinforce the worth and value of each immigrant and refugee as they learn to navigate their way in a new country. They do this not only through offering English classes onsite but a dental clinic as well. They also partner with Denver Urban Gardens by maintaining DeLaney Community Farm which supports refugees through sustainable agriculture and community building. This farm and it's sister food share program not only provide jobs for refugees and immigrants, but also food for the entire community. 

The thing that I love so much about doing this podcast is meeting all the beautifully unique people there are in this world. Every story truly does matter. By listening, I'm learning. By listening, I'm telling people that they matter. By listening, I'm breaking down the barriers we all set up around us to keep us safe from vulnerability. I'm in effect saying, your story is safe with me, I will respect it and you because there is no them, just us. So sit back and relax as Frank shares his story which also turns out to be the story of Project Worthmore.

The quote that kept running through my mind while Frank was telling me all the ways that Project Worthmore works at building up the refugee community and all the people they serve was from the book, "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. The character, Aibileen tells a young Mae Mobley who never hears such encouraging, beautiful words that "You is kind, you is smart, you is important." Reinforcing these ideas in people who have lost so much in their lives and come here feeling so worthless is of paramount importance. I'm so thankful to Frank for his vision of creating a space and a community that does just that. 

Frank actively works to give refugees the best opportunity in life they can possibly have. He realizes being forced to flee their country of origin does not make them less of a person. The circumstances they face in life grew compassion in his heart and birthed an organization with a vision to empower as many refugees and immigrants as possible. He purposefully finds ways to help refugees use the skills they already possess to help contribute to the community which is all any of us hope to do. 

Frank's Quote: Why cross the ocean when you can cross the street.

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