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Nothing beats a good old-fashioned Hollywood “triple threat.” Who doesn’t love a a classic acting-singing-dancing dynamo like…Bruce Willis? Or, um, Jeremy Renner? Or who could forget the musical stylings of Mr. Kevin Costner?

This episode, The Music Video Podcast is joined by Pete Byrne to sort through the decades of actors trying to be singers, to varying degrees of success. For every Jennifer Lopez, there is a Tracey Ullman. For every Childish Gambino, a Shaquille O’Neill. Listen! Subscribe! Rate 5 Stars! Don’t quit your day job!
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What is The Music Video Podcast?

Every week on The Music Video Podcast, hosts Ryan Burkett and Chris Coffin discuss and dissect all the good, the bad, and the green-screened the genre has to offer. Tune in for trivia, gossip, and expert hot takes they are definitely not qualified to give.