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When the board tell you they're looking for a meeting and refusal to attend would result in the termination of your contract, you know that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

But it's not Denmark, we're in Germany, it's life in the Bundesliga but not as we know it with November upon us. An international break means we've got some Champions League action for Ken with two crunch games in the league for Shane's Augsburg and Frankfurt as well. Koln are still Robbie-less so to tie up this week's podcast we're bringing back the live game for the first time since season 8 as we get December underway.

Spoiler alert though - it's looking like players for both Augsburg and Frankfurt have realised that if you put the work in, put your head down and put your laces through the ball that it *might* just end up in the back of the net so there may be some goals this week.

As frustrations spill over at Frankfurt, some players are in danger of the chopping block while a team meeting is needed at Augsburg to settle the nerves a little.

Our rollercoaster of a ride in Germany continues with some strong language and apologies to any celebrities who may be dragged into our wonderful musings in the world of Football Manager.

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I get to do fun things. Proud founding member of Dicemen Productions and KCLR Sport presenter/producer amongst other things

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