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Yes, although this is THE BRAND NEW SEASON SIX, kicking off 2024, we are offering this BOUCHERCON REPLAY which was recorded at The Bouchercon Convention in San Diego last summer.

Some are legends, while others are legends in the making. Either way, six of the authors in the Atria Mystery Bus/Simon & Schuster family, have come together for brief conversations, face-to-face, with me to talk about their latest works at the Bouchercon 23 event in San Diego, California.

Please welcome my guests: @JackCarrUSA - @ChrisHauty - @isberryauthor - @ArmandoCorrea - @heykatyhays & @CEMcKenzie1, along with Special Thanks to David Brown @AtriaMysteryBus (all X/Twitter handles).

Their books are stunning. Their talents, equally so. And their futures are set to shoot across the sky, bright at the noonday sun.

Kick back, grab a beverage, and enjoy THIS REPLAY of BOUCHERCON 23 from last Summer, as you enjoy some conversation about books, thrillers and more, on an episode that will entertain, educate, and hopefully inspire you to write your best work.

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Cheers, David Temple, host of The Thriller Zone.

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