The Third Ear with Dr. Chris Heath

In this episode of The Third Ear, noted psychoanalyst and author Stephanie Newman, Ph.D. offers an insightful, intriguing and psychoanalytic look at some of the most popular TV shows of the last few decades including Mad Men and Ted Lasso. Host Chris Heath, M.D. leads a lively conversation that will really get you thinking about one of America's favorite pastimes, watching (and discussing) television shows. Dr. Newman is author of the books Money Talks, Mad Men on the Couch and Barbarians at the PTA, an Amazon bestseller that one reviewer called "smart and hilarious."

What is The Third Ear with Dr. Chris Heath?

Join host Chris Heath, MD as he helps you understand psychoanalysis with the help of his informative and experienced special guests. The Third Ear is a production of the American Psychoanalytic Association.