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A hotbed of Clean Energy Technologies and Training – Stanwell FEITH Project

Peter Goggin is the Manager for Hydrogen Development at Stanwell Corporation and has over three decades of experience in the electricity industry. He has worked in various capacities in business development, commercialisation, and project delivery in Australia and the UK. Throughout his career, Peter has developed projects across a wide range of domains, including solar PV, energy efficiency, battery storage, wind power, wave power, bioenergy, and waste-to-energy technologies.

1.15 - Intro to Stanwell
Stanwell is a Queensland Government-owned corporation. They have about 3. 2 gigawatts of coal-fired power generation and are moving towards the transformation of that generation base to a renewable energy future. Stanwell has about three gigawatts of renewable energy in its pipeline, either contracted or under development.
2.26 - Intro to Peter’s role
In his current role at Stanwell, Peter's primary objective is to establish a sustainable domestic business model in renewable hydrogen for Stanwell. His endeavours are centred around leveraging the potential and scale of the Central Queensland Hydrogen (CQH2) Project into the Queensland market.
3.20 - What does FEITH stand for and what is it?
Future Energy Innovation and Training Hub

●     The FEITH will develop the new technologies and workforce skills required to achieve Stanwell’s strategic objectives and the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan (QEJP).
●     In its ultimate form, the FEITH is expected to feature: a hub to demonstrate to the community a range of hydrogen applications, their safety, and the benefits to local and regional areas.
●     Medium-long duration battery storage, transmission and renewable energy integration technologies for the NEM, state-of-the-art workforce skills and technical training for trade, higher education and research, a world-class commercial-scale research and testing.
●     It will feature a precinct for innovation and technology validation and a servicing and maintenance workshop.
●     It will increase our understanding of new energy technologies and their application in building Stanwell’s renewable energy portfolio and driving the development of Queensland's hydrogen industry.
06.00 - What is an iron flow battery and what is the potential user case?
07.00 – Hysata’s electrolyser 
A revolutionary 4-5MW hydrogen electrolyser will also be validated in a pilot project at FEITH. The super-efficient electrolyser is being developed by Australian startup Hysata.

10.15 - The scaling challenge in the industry

11.36 - How does FEITH support Stanwell and the local community?

13.40 - What stage are you at with the project

-       Have commenced with the common infrastructure
-       Iron flow battery works will begin in the next few months
-       Phased development
-       We have received some funding from the QLD government from the QLD Renewable Energy Hydrogen Jobs Fund
-       Hoping to be ready for the Hysata pilot unit within the next 12 months

16.20 - What are the criteria that organisations go through before Stanwell decides to partner with someone?

Starts with us being aligned with the counter party with the objectives. On the technology side, it would be about the technology readiness level.

18.30 – Training at FEITH

-       Future pathways training is being developed
-       A range of different skills that need to be developed (cross-skilling and upskilling) 
-       Using that modern virtual reality type technology to get training opened up more broadly to users of the facility

21.40 - What are the biggest challenges you are facing at the moment

-       Scaling challenges
-       This is a brand new industry and there are a lot of new/novel things happening we need everyone’s support

22.53 - What does success look like?

“Success for me with FEITH would look like a precinct that's supporting that aspiration with some infrastructure already deployed with a vibrant environment there to show our community just what we're doing to take advantage of this great decarbonisation challenge we have on our hands.”
24.15 - Are there any types of technology that you are excited by?
27.00 - Recommendations for Australia and Queensland moving forward to help support the industry
27.45 – Collaboration is key. And the organisations that are working with Stanwell on the CQH2 project
31.25 - Key learnings
Be patient, it’s a complex thing and requires the willingness to be resilient. It’s a customer-led approach. 
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