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In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff Kofman, CEO, and founder of Trint, who before founding Trint was an Emmy award-winning network television news foreign correspondent and war correspondent with ABC, CBS, and CBC News. I found this talk inspiring in so many ways - how to start a second career in your later years, how being a war journalist puts “bad days” in perspective, and how to be authentic at work and the culture it builds.

Show Notes

  • [0:48] - What need does Trint solve beyond transcription?
  • [2:45] - How does Trint differ from other transcription services?
  • [6:14] - How did you go from being a war journalist to becoming an entrepreneur?
  • [14:49] - What have you learned as a war correspondent that you were able to use to become the entrepreneur and CEO you are today?
  • [21:09] - What advice would you give someone starting a company who has little experience in entrepreneurship and/or are starting this late in their life?
  • [29:02] - How did you determine the average sale price of your platform given it is more than just transcription?
  • [33:41] - What are some of the mistakes you made and what advice would you give others?
  • [37:13] - Given your background in journalism and interviewing, what have you found to work for good interview questions - that allow you to get to the heart of someone’s motivation?


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