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Hear me out on this...what if security deposits are here to stay? There's been lots of chatter over the last few years in finding a replacement to security deposits. Much of that has to do with rising rent costs, legislation around compliance, and the labor of managing and refunding deposits.

But maybe there's a better way to solve for the challenges around security deposits while giving more flexibility back to renters. That's something you'll hear Roost CEO, Chanin Ballance, discuss (and more) in this interview. She makes a compelling case that security deposits don't need to be replaced, rather, they need to be re-thought.

Roost is doing more than just taking security deposits for rental managers. Chanin explains more how Roost is focusing on financial wellness for renters and why that's so important today.

Show Notes

More about Roost and Chanin
Roost’s free platform helps large multifamily automate the deposit intake and refund process, reduce compliance risk, and minimize disputes. It also helps renters avoid late fees and build credit history thanks to renting and financial tips, savings deals, and a simple way to turn their refundable deposits into an instant emergency fund. 

Roost is a mission-driven tech company focused on improving property NOI and renter financial health. Co-founder & CEO Chanin Ballance is an experienced Founder (and multifamily real estate & PropTech investor) with three exits already behind her.

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