Open Encounters

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Andrew gets his documents! After three and a half years of hearings and appeals after crossing the Mediterranean to Italy, Andrew (Nigeria) gets a call from his lawyer that he is free to work and live in the country. "My heart's full of joy, my heart's filled with singing," he said, proving that even in the times of Covid-19, we can find happiness and hope for the future. Enjoy this very special episode, and to Andrew, we send our biggest congrats and all our love. We are proud of you, Andrew.

Show Notes

Hear Andrew's "From COVID-19 Lockdown" episode from 6 May 2020.

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What is Open Encounters?

Hear the voices of the people who have crossed the Mediterranean Sea. After crossing continents, countries, the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean on inflatable boats, now they are on the next journey, of settling their lives in Italy, and beyond.

From humanitarian storytelling publication Migrants of the Mediterranean, this podcast brings light to the migrant flow in Italy and the EU in human terms. Migration continues to dominate the headlines in Europe, the US and around the world, but still so often only in political terms. Here, we change that.

Get to know the individuals themselves in one-on-one conversations with host and founder of Migrants of the Mediterranean, Pamela Kerpius.

Learn more about Migrants of the Mediterranean and read every journey story at the site.