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In our final episode of our CineEurope 2023 series, co-hosts Daniel Loria and Rebecca Pahle check in with Russ Fischer to get his parting thoughts from UNIC’s annual convention for the European exhibition industry. In the sponsored segment, Christie’s VP of Engineering David Kiers joins Rebecca Pahle in a conversation covering the cinema tech leader’s latest plans and priorities. And in our feature segment, Rebecca is joined by Crispin Lilly, the exhibition veteran who was recently named as Showcase Cinemas’ UK Managing Director.  
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What to Listen For
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:08 The Flash didn’t work?
  • 04:34 Latest box office numbers
  • 07:16 Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny to face challenges
  • 15:25 CineEurope 2023 recap
  • 18:18 Piracy problems in Europe
  • 26:06 Christie products and solutions
  • 31:54 What is an integrated media block? 
  • 33:47 High frame rate movies evolution
  • 35:56 Lessening the carbon footprint
  • 37:48 Early years in the cinema industry 
  • 41:28 Reopening after the pandemic lookdown
  • 45:53 What was your cinema growing up?
  • 49:00 Why customer service is fundamental
  • 51:49 Slow but steady market recovery

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