Exploring Astrophysics

Hi, in this episode of Exploring Astrophysics I spoke to Dr Peter Doel who is a professor of Astronomical Instrumentation at University College London. He explained some of the work he and his team does retrofitting telescopes and upgrading them.

Show Notes

This episode I spoke to Dr Doel about some of the projects he has been working on. He told me about the considerations that need to be accounted for when retrofitting telescopes as well as how he entered this field. Dr Doel also described how he thought the field have changed in the past to what it is now. 

What is Exploring Astrophysics?

Join me as I learn about the world of Astrophysics. My name is Vikram Bhamre and I am 18 years old. On my podcast, Exploring Astrophysics, I chat with some of the most incredible astrophysicists around the world on the most interesting questions left unanswered in astrophysics. What's amazing is how helpful and forthcoming they all are and I hope you too are inspired when you listen to them.