The Evolved Stylist

Episode 2 - Resolutions:  Fuck 'Em or Don't Fuck 'Em

Welcome to our no-holds-barred podcast where we take a sledgehammer to the traditional idea of New Year's resolutions. Hosts Sarai Speer and Rebecca Taylor are here to dissect the age-old tradition of setting resolutions and explore whether they're worth the hype or better left in the dust.

Episode Highlights:

  • The FUCK IT Approach: ** Is it time to say "fuck it" to resolutions altogether? Our hosts explore the idea of rejecting societal pressure and embracing a more flexible, self-compassionate approach to personal growth.
  • Resolution Revolution: But wait! Are resolutions really all bad? Our hosts play devil's advocate, discussing the potential benefits of setting intentions and goals for the year ahead.
  • Resolutions Reimagined: What if we flipped the script on resolutions? Our hosts share their own unconventional approaches to goal-setting and personal development, from intention-setting rituals to choosing a word of the year.
  • The Real Talk: Let's get real about why resolutions often fail and how we can set ourselves up for success instead of setting ourselves up for disappointment.
  • The Bottom Line: Whether you're a resolution rebel or a goal-setting guru, this episode will challenge you to rethink your approach to personal growth and empowerment.

So, kick back, and get ready for some honest, uncensored conversation about resolutions and why it might be time to say "FUCK" 'em" or not. Let's dive in and reclaim our power to create lasting change in our lives, one mindful decision at a time.

What is The Evolved Stylist?

"The Evolved Stylist" - the podcast hosted by Sarai & Rebecca two badass, experienced hairstylist vets in their 40's. Get ready for a wild ride as we bring you hilarious anecdotes, unfiltered conversations, and a no-hold-barred approach to life, recovery, and personal growth. We're not afraid to embrace the gnarly work and dive deep into the woo, as we explore the journey of evolving into our highest selves. Join us as we navigate the ups and downs, the twists and turns, and the wild adventures that come with embracing the hair industry, the healing process, and the relentless pursuit of our greatest good in this crazy thing called life. Get ready to rock your world and unleash your inner badass with "The Evolved Stylist".

Sarai & Rebecca combine personal narratives, expert interviews, and practical advice to create a podcast that encourages personal growth, professional development, and empowerment. By sharing authentic stories and valuable insights, we aim to inspire listeners to embrace their own journeys of evolution and transformation.