The CMO Whisperer

 My guest this week is Richard Howe. Richard is an accomplished entrepreneur, tech executive and board member. He served as a senior executive at FinTech innovator, Fair, Isaac and Company, the inventor of the FICO score, which profoundly changed the way credit worthiness is evaluated. He was also chief strategy officer at Axiom, the inventor of direct to consumer data based marketing. 

Richard is currently the chairman and CEO of Inuvo, a market leader in artificial intelligence, aligning and delivering consumer oriented product and brand messaging strategies online based on powerful, anonymous, and proprietary consumer intent data, for agencies, advertisers, and partners.

What is The CMO Whisperer?

The CMO Whisperer, hosted by former Forbes writer Steve Olenski, is dedicated to those who keep it real in AND out of the world of marketing. From others in the C-suite to agency leaders to editors of publications to athletes to entertainsers and on and on, this show is for them and about them.