Junior to Senior with David Guttman

Vinoj dives into his career path from Engineer to Manager, and provides us with valuable information regarding personal projects, hiring tactics, and the emerging reality of company-wide remote work.

Show Notes

Talking Points:
  • Traits of a Senior Dev
  • Hirable traits of a Junior Dev
  • Value of curiosity
  • Creating impactful projects
  • Aspects of going remote
Quotable Quotes:
  • “How can I start making others successful?” - VZ
  • “It doesn’t matter what part of your career you’re in. That ability to problem solve with others is going to serve you well.” - VZ
  • “I look at hiring as two facets: 
    • 1. What can you add to the culture of this company? 
    • 2. How can you help move the roadmap forward? 
  • “The problems that we are trying to solve don’t always have one answer.” - DG
  • “For engineers, there is a similarity to artists, there’s a beauty in their work, and I actually embrace and love that fact.” - VZ
  • “That touch of engagement, the ‘I care about this product’ is what we want to nurture [ as a manager ].” - VZ
  • “We’ve hired people who have never been software developers before.” - VZ
  • “Granted [ a junior dev ] may not be able to move the roadmap as much as a senior,   but do we see a promise here? A promise that they could? In addition, is their stuff on their resume so far that shows that growth and shows that ability to move forward?” - VZ 
  • “We ended up hiring engineers that in this year have never even been to the office.” - VZ
  • “The single greatest strength you can have in this remote world is good asynchronous communication.” - VZ
  • “Start from the ‘why’ in the problem and then get to the ‘how’.” - VZ

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