Game Production Podcast

In this is episode we talk about the career of Thomas van den Berg of noio and how he turned a failed Kickstarter project into the major success of Kingdom. Also how it felt following up with Cloud Gardens and comparing his experience with self-publishing versus getting a publisher.

Show Notes

The Game Production Podcast is our game development podcast, featuring the production and business side of AAA and indie games. How do game developers manage ideas? How do they resolve team conflicts? How do they assess their game market chances? This is the industry podcast for game developers by game developers.

In our fifth episode, Riad is talking with Thomas van den Berg of noio. How did he develop the indie hit game Kingdom and how did it feel following it up with his new game Cloud Gardens. What is his approach to game design and how would he compare working with publisher Raw Fury versus self-publishing on his new title.

What is Game Production Podcast?

The podcast about the production and business side of developing video games.