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God named our race, both male and female, "adam" or "man," and this same name is used over 500 times across the Old Testament. This male inclusive is used hundreds of times in the New Testament, also. "Brother" and "brothers" ("adelphos" and "adelphoi") as well as the Greek words "aner" and "anthropos." Together these words and their cognates have a crystal-clear male meaning component inspired by God and used over 1,000 times in the New Testament, and this male meaning component had been translated faithfully into English Bibles for many centuries now.

But our Bible scholars and publishers are ashamed and have relegated or deleted it from their latest Bible versions.

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Intro and outro music is Rise Up, O Lord, a recording of Psalm 10 by My Soul Among Lions. The rest of MSAL's recorded Psalms can be listened to, here.

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