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Does anyone read these summaries? Are you reading it now?

Show Notes

Bookending the usual overview of today’s popular music scene on this week's Twaddle are two stellar records released on 13 November 1981. In between are more than a few German artists, a song in Morse code -- but who knows what it means? -- and, as always, no mention of musical genres.

Yes, this week’s Twaddle is probably one of the best ever, with new sounds from The Smashing Times, The Black Watch, Shybits, Fran Ashcroft, Telefís, Stutter Steps, Ward White, Fortitude Valley, Kids On A Crime Spree, EGONX, Polyhymns, AUA (feat. Anika), Robert Sotelo, C Duncan, NRBQ, Kristine Leschper, Constant Smiles, Laure Briard, Mariá Portugal, Dummy, Chime School, Marissa Nadler, Rachel Love, Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm, Telephone Exchange, Great Silkie, Log Across The Washer, Rural France, The Courettes, Alicja-Pop, Molly Nilsson, Dana Gavanski, Spearmint, Alien Nosejob, and Beach House.

There’s also an old track from a new and certainly long overdue collection of Shit Dogs material. I know you've been eagerly awaiting it -- even more so than the new IDLES and Courtney Barnett LPs that you won't hear any trace of in this week's program. You can find them on mainstream radio!
From the past: Liquor Giants, Margo Guryan (RIP), Pugwash, Chris von Sneidern, The Fall, Planet Of The Poodles, 20/20, The Mayflies USA, New Order, and Green.

What is Mawkish Twaddle with Bob N.?

Mawkish Twaddle: Vexing musical purists of every stripe since 2017. It’s too twee and then it’s too abrasive. Rarely does it strike the right balance. Intrigued yet?