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Will you join me on another excursion into the undertow? Will you be with me as season 2 of the fna show emerges from the tepid afterbirth of many years of meandering? Come along as I venture to crucify complacency.

Show Notes

♥ the truth anew

What is the truth?
I don’t want my labors to be the dwelling burdens that they morph themselves into. Devoid of joy when even joyful activities divorce themselves of fellowship.
So much, I desire to live free of the perpetual tug towards performance and perfection and metrics fabricated to indicate success when in any circumstance I am still unfulfilled.
Am I merely making a deal with myself? What will it take to disconnect from the false nature I gravitate towards? What will it take to stop bucking the flow and stay protected in the undertow?
Feel it flowing past me; I’m unaware of my bloody grasp
On the rocks beneath the surface
These stones protect me in the current
While I drown in unused opportunity
Let go. Let go. I must, and I can’t
Over-dramatized but reality tends to be
Boring unless it’s given permission to be bigger
Help me believe. Pry open my hands.
Release me from presumption
Set me free in the water.
Remove my fears or else kill me with them
That I may live anew
In the undertow
In the truth

the truth anew was written, recorded and produced by Eamonn Cottrell. Image used with permission from unsplash.

♠ fna show

  • the fna show is brought to you in part by consecrated consciousness and the crucifixion of complacency. More is being revealed. More will be revealed

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What is the fna show?

fna is an aural excursion through thought. it is an experiment in sound and idea. it is a terrible champion. listen at risk. fear to listen. crucify complacency.