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Epic episode ahead! I sit down with my new friend and fellow YouTuber Alex Gasaway - learn about being a daily creator!!

Show Notes

Alex Gasaway is a daily vlogger and entrepreneur on a mission to make an impact!!

Here is what we talked about:
  • the difference between creator vs entrepreneur
  • the struggle of when people ask us what we do when you wear many hats
  • how she got started making videos
  • making a youtube videos every day for a whole year
  • talking into a camera in public
  • how to come up with content when you create every day
  • how to grow a YouTube channels
  • the power of a small community
  • building relationships with other creators online
  • the lack of female creators
  • the challenges as a female creator on social media
  • how we can bring more female creators into the creative online scene
  • dealing with criticism
  • and lots more awesomeness!

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This podcast is all about business, creativity, minimalism and lifestyle design.

What is CREATE with Conni Biesalski?

I'm a nomadic creator, online entrepreneur, photographer + online filmmaker and minimalist vegan yogi. This podcast aims to encourage people to pursue their passions, create meaningful content and make an impact.
I sit down with myself solo, but also with other fellow inspiring creatives and change-makers to talk about living a conscious life and building a meaningful legacy through creating work that matters.