AQR Qualversations

Our first podcast for AQR members features Jill Pay, the first female Sergeant at Arms of the Houses of Parliament.  A glass ceiling that took almost 700 years to break through!  Debbie chats to her about being at the heart of British pageantry, meeting the Queen and Barack Obama and her current role with the Gender Pay Index.

This episode of Qualversations is presented by Debbie Newbould.

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What is AQR Qualversations?

Introducing Qualversations

AQR’s new podcast series designed to expand perspectives and deliver thought-provoking opinion pieces.

It is shocking to think that only 23% of business leaders in research are women. This needs to change! So, in the first few episodes of Qualversations AQR Board Member Debbie Newbould has interviewed inspiring women from outside our world of research to discuss women and leadership.