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The BookeningEpisode 87
87. Remains of the Day (Movie)
87. Remains of the Day (Movie)
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Our heroes review Remains of the Day, the movie!

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Our heroes review Remains of the Day, the movie!

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Hey. It's a movie review of a movie that our heroes surprisingly (to them at least) didn't like all that much. Here are the things that happen:

00:00 The show begins
01:04 Operatic donor shout-outs
04:08 We were disappointed by this movie
07:11 Lame ambiguity resolution
12:33 They Hollywooded it!
18:46 Lame tension resolution
23:04 Anthony Hopkins
25:34 Emma Thompson
28:04 The father
30:54 Heroism added???
32:59 Downton Abby
34:34 Context
36:29 Who SHOULD they have cast?
39:11 Half-hearted Seal of Approval ...
42:13 ... or not!

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