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Guillermo Söhnlein is an independent board member and social entrepreneur focused on technology innovation, international business, and the exploration and sustainable settlement of extreme environments on land, sea, and space. As the Founder of Humans2Venus, his 11th startup, his long-term vision is to establish a human presence in the Venusian atmosphere. He shares how his experience as an immigrant and his time in the Marine Corps have helped him on his entrepreneurial journey. Guillermo also explains why Venus is a good option for long-term survivability and shares the two startups he is most proud of. He left us with these inspiring words, “The more we continue exploring and going beyond our comfort zone, the better we become as individual humans and as a human species.” Our conversation is just the beginning.

Show Notes

▶️ Guillermo is starting his 11th startup. 01:57
🌌 Since he was 11, Guillermo dreamed about making humanity a multi-planet species and living off planet on a permanent basis. 03:46
🟢 Why Venus is a good option for long-term survivability. 4:56
🧐 Impact of lower gravity on humans. 06:28
👨‍🚀 Guillermo studied law and then became a military officer, but his lifelong dream was to be an astronaut. 07:57
🇦🇷 He was born in Argentina and moved to the USA when he was 6 without knowing the language. 09:39
🤓 Being an immigrant in the USA: work hard, study hard, and take advantage of every opportunity. 10:57
🙂 How Guillermo’s time in the Marine Corps helps him build startups. 12:48 
😎 Two startups Guillermo is most proud of. 14:24
🤯 The deepest dives have been to the bottom of Mariana Trench’s, which is 35,000 feet under the ocean’s surface. 16:12
👦 Guillermo would tell his 11 year old self, “See, I told you you could do this,” “Keep working hard,” and “Don’t stop.” 16:56 
👍 Diversity of experiences and pattern matching are so valuable for good decision making. 19:28
🪐 Guillermo views Mars and Venus as similar non-Earth destinations for the human species. 21:36
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