Second Breaks

“I questioned a lot of the things I had assumed were true as well as the box that I lived in.” — Karen Randall

Show Notes

In "Life is in the Transitions," Bruce Feiler writes about life quakes — those times in our lives when we have a massive burst of change that lead to a period of upheaval, transition, and renewal.

Following the extensive research he conducted, Feiler concluded that, on average, we go through three to five of these events in our lives. And the average length of a life quake is 5 years.

What happened to Karen Randall is one of those life quakes that Feiler was talking about. A huge change event made up of a series of events that touched all areas of her life and pushed her to redefine her self-image.

Karen is a transition life coach. She helps people in midlife who have experienced a significant life event that has left them wondering who they are to create and manifest a life that is full of Purpose, Meaning, Passion and Joy. She is multi-passionate and is also an Energy Psychologist, Creative Arts Facilitator, college professor, yoga teacher, and recovering CPA.

In this conversation, Karen walks us through the series of events that overhauled her life. We go into the many challenges that she faced during that time.

I often say that reinventions are not always “easy and smooth” the way they are portrayed in social media. One of the things I really appreciate about this conversation is that Karen talks about the “messy” parts. We talk about how she coped, what help she received, and how she got herself to the other side.

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