Second Breaks, Thriving From Midlife Transitions

“As soon as I feel that thing that says, ‘Oh, you’re not qualified to do that,’ that’s when I, I go, ‘Oh, oh, no, no.’ That’s something that I have to step through and see who I am on the other side of it.” — Yvonne Marchese

Show Notes

While I have pursued many “big” projects and taken on risks head-on, there are still many things that I hold myself back from because of fear. Sometimes, it’s because I don’t feel ready. The worst is when I hesitate because “who do I think I am that I could pull this thing off?”

Recently, a good friend did one of these challenging public-facing projects. I had front-row seats and witnessed her move from idea to full execution and was so impressed that I asked her to chat about it when it was over

I wanted to learn from her experience, not so much the technical “how did you do it”. Rather, it was more about the mental and emotional “how did you do it” aspects of it.

If there’s a project you’re thinking of undertaking and you’re somewhat paralyzed with fear or wondering if you have what it takes or why in the world you even think you can do it, this episode is for you.


Yvonne Marchese is a photographer and the host of the Late Bloomer Living Podcast. Early this year, she hosted the Midlife Uprising Summit – a gathering of women committed to busting through their Midlife Funk and rocking the next chapter of life.

The summit consisted of 30 speakers and was attended by over 300 participants. Today, she has transitioned that initial gathering to a community of midlife women who continue to inspire and cheer each other on, share stories and take bold action together.

In this conversation, Yvonne and I deconstructed her experience – from the initial seed of an idea to the finish line. We talked about some of the challenges she faced, where and how she got support, and some of her lessons learned.

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