It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm

Most companies know it's good to do training and development. But how can you actually build a culture around continuous growth, where your team is empowered to upskill?

You have to understand and believe in the actual benefits before you decide to integrate training & development into your organization. It won't appear to affect your bottom line in a direct way, but it has ancillary benefits that absolutely do affect the bottom line; namely in retaining high-quality employees who are loyal to the organization, because growth becomes a real option for them. 

When building a culture around learning and development, it starts with a clear goal. From there, you can outline specific guardrails for what does (and doesn't) count, integrate systems of accountability, and create a culture of generosity with the learning that encourages others to share what they've gained and expands that knowledge beyond just the one individual who completed the training.

It continues to grow and become a real part of the culture when your leaders continually model what it looks like to learn and grow regularly, sharing how they're making incremental progress in their own development.

Join Anna and Jill as they sit down to get into the nitty-gritty of what works (and doesn't) when it creating a learning culture at work!

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Creators & Guests

Anna Ready
Technology enthusiast, accounting geek, and lover of all things systemized. Wife. Mom. Firm Owner (Accrew). Mostly just here for the jokes
Jill Chun
Passionate about leading and developing teams in meaningful ways. Won’t turn down a challenge and loves asking how we can refine a process so that it works for us (not against us). Always up for a good dance party

What is It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm?

Join Anna and Jill as they guide you on a journey of building something worth building.