The Archipelago

In today’s episode of The Archipelago, she talks about these changes that shaped the post-war world, as well as her most recent work on the concepts of resilience and the “smartness mandate,” through which she sheds a new light on neoliberalism’s fifty-year history. In her 2014 book “Beautiful Data: A History of Vision and Reason Since 1945,” Orit Halpern traced the history of post-war design and planning from Norbert Wiener’s cybernetics through influential figures like Gyorgy Kepes and Charles Eames, examining how their work shaped new modes of perception and cognition based on data visualization, leading in turn to new ideas in governmentality.

What is The Archipelago?

A 60-minute talk show featuring theorists, artists and writers contemplating on the cultural moment. The Archipelago follows ideas that erupt from the abyss of human activity, diverse and divergent at first, before congealing into a new pensive framework. A podcast series as an archive of differing viewpoints, blending together into an imaginary production of the future.
Hosted by Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou