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Through in-depth discussions with well-known names from all walks of Irish life, Irish comedian Jarlath Regan hosts inspiring conversations around developing healthy habits to improve your wellbeing mentally and physically. Real stories from real people, to support you in your own journey towards a happier and healthier life.

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Show Notes

In Episode Two of The MyLife podcast, Jarlath welcomes Aisling Bea - actor, writer, and stand-up comedian. Aisling is perhaps best known for her Bafta award winning comedy-drama series, This Way Up, which she wrote, produced and stars in. The second series of the show returned this summer, portraying personal relationships and the complexity of mental health and wellbeing in our contemporary world with refreshing honesty and nuance. Her 2017 Guardian article on the loss of her father at a young age was shared by millions, exemplifying Aisling’s ability to write about human experiences in a way that resonates with the wider world. 
In this episode, Aisling speaks about recent challenges to her own physical and mental wellbeing during the pandemic, as well as tackling mental health stigma through her show, This Way Up. Picking up on Jarlath’s conversation with Gaelic footballer and addiction counsellor Oisín McConville in Episode One, Aisling also shares her tips and practices for managing overwhelm and chronic stress. From creativity at work, to women’s health, and the nature of the Irish Mammy, Aisling and Jarlath weave a vast array of topics into a good-humoured and generous conversation that is sure to support MyLife listeners looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing. 
Books and articles mentioned during the conversation: 
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What is The MyLife podcast - Wellbeing conversations with Jarlath Regan?

“In each episode of the MyLife podcast, you will hear well-known voices sharing real stories about their own mental wellbeing and some of the challenges they have faced. My hope is that having these chats will help and support you on your own journey towards healthy mental and physical wellbeing, whatever that journey might be.” - Jarlath Regan

Jarlath Regan is a stand-up comedian and writer, and the creator and host of the multi-award winning global hit podcast, An Irishman Abroad. On our screens, Jarlath has performed on Tonight at the Palladium, Russell Howard’s Good News and Stand Up Central, to name just a few.

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