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This week, we address the critical levels of silliness we've detected in today's culture, from the debut of Drake's adorable alter ego Anita Max Wynn to the rise of cute-forward hypewear. We theorize as to why silly ass white boys are suddenly doing dances in crews, rediscover the influence of mid-2000s ringtone rap, and canonize a new generation of digital Merry Pranksters, including Joeyy, the Laundry Day boys, Sexyy Red, and others.

Image board
The birth of Anita Max Wynn
EvanDaGreat, Maxevasi0n, Laundry Day
JerseyyJoe, Hugo Hilaire, That's My Dawg
Zack Bia and Yeat getting silly
White guys dancing to afrobeats
Chief Keef style on TikTok: one, two, three, four, five, six
"Narcofashion" Polo trend in Mexico
Playboi Carti Is in His Hello Kitty Era on “EvilJ0rdan” – Hypebeast
Anonymous Club by Shayne Oliver Resort 2024 – Vogue Runway
Creature World
BustaMove Store
Kerwin Frost x McDonalds Merch
TisaKorean silly merch also McDonalds Sprite song and Soulja Boy tribute?
Dirty Decade: Rap Music and the U.S. South 1997–2007 – Matt Miller in Southern Spaces
'Laffy Taffy': So Light, So Sugary, So Downloadable – New York Times, 2006
Rondell Conway snap rap cover story for Vibe magazine, June 2006
Hurrikane on TikTok, Y2K Dallas style in Brazil, Dallas boogie style (2009) 
9 ways Soulja Boy revolutionized today's hip hop culture – Revolt
Nettspend on Know Your Meme
Timothee Chalamet's digital footprint
Glorb – The Bottom 2 (Official Music Video) (SpongeBob AI rap?) 

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