The Social Housing Podcast

Transformation, change and continuous improvement are words and phrases that are often over-used in the social housing sector, which to many observers suffers from a high degree of cultural inertia.

And so for this weeks podcast I/we wanted to bring on a guest (Executive Director of Business & Improvement at Thirteen, Heather Ashton) who represents an organisation within the sector - that's truly innovative at its **CORE.**

...and also an organisation that focuses on walking the walk, not talking the talk.

During the conversation, myself/John and Heather discussed the following:

✅ How Thirteen is structured at a senior level to manage change.

✅ How Thirteen have embraced the home, hub & roam model throughout the pandemic + their future plans around their staff's working flexibility.

✅ The risks that come along with these post-pandemic organisational changes and how Thirteen are managing them.

What is The Social Housing Podcast?

The Social Housing Podcast will be a series of interviews with thought leaders in the Social Housing industry, providing them an exclusive platform to speak about topics important to them, while shaping the conversation around landlords and tenants.