Tennis Rockers

The conclusion is clear - tennis coaches and clubs, the people who serve the players and students, need to start asking a better more informed question of their clientele if tennis is to once again scale to the status it once held in amateur sport.

Show Notes

It’s pretty obvious, tennis coaches and clubs stopped asking questions a long time ago.  Questions about their membership demographics, members unspoken needs, the clubs current services approach, and the way all those issues work together to build meaning for the coaches, clientele, and the club.  

Meaning is the magnet which draws people in and makes them want to come back.  But in today’s transactional and mechanistic approach we have favored getting it done and making money to building meaning.  

What brings meaning?

Addressing a coaches or clients emotional and mental needs with a physical manifestation of that meaning.  If players would appreciate a lounge to hang out (like a teen lounge or a Starbucks) then give it to them.  The money you’ll spend in furniture will be made back through sales of lessons, products, or future court time.  

Prototype it, give it time, gather feedback, and implement what works.  The results might just bring the meaning, and eventually the money you were looking for.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

What is Tennis Rockers?

Are you ready to re-imagine and reconstruct the way you realize not just the game of tennis but all the other ways you compete in life? Tennis Rockers pull together beliefs, concepts, ideas, people, and values from a cross-section of multi-disciplinary fields for the purpose of doing things a little different. Tennis Rockers don't just want to change the game, they want to help people think about changing how they see and live their lives.

Coach Claude and coach Sully cordially invite you to put the pedal to the metal and join an unconventional conversation on tennis and life. Nothing good comes from standing still.