How Are Ya Now?

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Tiara, Dean, and Dean's cousin-in-law???, Chris, get Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 4 – The Native Flu

Show Notes

Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 4 – The Native Flu
  • Guest host:  Chris Churchman
  • Recap of Relationships
  • Episode dive
    • Stewart’s large horn
    • Katy is upset
    • Hockey players going to play on the Rez and thinks that R&J have “The Native Flu”
    • R&J ask the Hicks for help to ward off the Natives
    • Wayne’s final word on The Ginger, Boots, and the ostrich
    • Katy vs. Devon
    • Wayne and crew show up at the hockey rink to fend off the Natives
    • Tanis wants Letterkenny to be back open for business
    • Wayne fights
    • R&J get their asses kicked
    • Hicks discuss proper steak preparation
    • Joint Boy fights
    • Wayne and Tanis negotiate
    • Wayne is soft for 3-legged dogs (side-note:  notice our intro music)
    • Dary’s sweet on Bonnie McMurray
    • Tanis and Wayne – Now a thing???  Stay tuned!
    • “Grill marks, bud.”
  • Unanswered Questions/Theories/Thoughts:
    • Will Katy and Stewart try for one last “romp”?
    • Will Wayne and Tanis be a thing?
    • The juxtaposition of R&J’s fights vs. the Hicks fights.
    • Is Stewart a virgin?
  • New terms:
    • Snaps & Claps
    • Chin-check
  • Fuck, Fight, or FERDA!
    • Only Stewart and Tanis are getting ALL the action from everyone
    • Devon, Dary, and the Hockey players are in for a chin-check or two
  • Up next: Uncle Eddie’s Trust
Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money Saints
Outro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints

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What is How Are Ya Now??

How Are Ya Now? - The toughest podcast in Letterkenny
Possibly the perfect podcast to please your palate while peacefully pausing to pour a pint of Puppers and partake in puns, pugilism, and provincial pride.